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Commercial shoot for Sting Sports

My second shoot for Sting Sports took place at Beast Gym in Chelsea Heights, with four athletes wearing the Sting products, Jonathan Francois who is representing Grenada at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games; Fitness model Rachel Louka; Men's Physique athlete Johnpeter Pipicella and Arnold Classic Physique winner Rigo Gasio.  With several different set ups for each athlete and showcasing several different gloves and wraps the shoot took all day, followed by a five hour edit with delivery on the same day! Here are some images from the shoot, all pics shot on the Canon 1dx MkII, lighting Profoto B4 and B2

Sting Sports.jpg

Reebok Crossfit Melbourne Invitational

Rogue Australia commissioned me to photograph their athletes during the recent Reebok Crossfit Melbourne Invitational, which was the first time i had shot an actual Crossfit event. Having worked with some of the athletes before i knew a little about the event, but didn't realise how many judges, host broadcasters and event camera men/commentators would be roaming the field of play. It is clearly  a made for TV show packed into a two hour time slot, showcasing the overall strength and abilities of their athletes.

Behind the scenes with VIS sailors Eliza Solly and Tess Lloyd

A short video showing behind the scenes of last Fridays photoshoot with VIS 49er FX olympic class sailors Eliza Solly and Tess Lloyd at Royal Brighton Yacht Club. It is always enjoyable working with VIS athletes, they give freely of their time and nothing is ever too difficult, on this occasion to have the girls leaning above the sand on the trapeze being hosed down with cold water in the middle of a Melbourne winter shows there is no limit to what they will do for a photo! For those interested a two light set up, Profoto B4 with beauty dish, and Profoto B2 with Magnum reflector, shooting with the Canon 1dx MkII, and the video shot on the Panasonic Lumix GH5.

Two gyms, one golf course

A busy but short week after the public holiday, started at Frankstons Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre for a full day shoot updating their various services, from the pool, to the gym, yoga and the wellness centre. Thursday was a similar shoot for CASEY RACE, showcasing their new basketball and netball centre. Another full day of photography as well as video in the basketball facility. Friday was out to the Yarra Valley's Eastern Golf Club for another full day of both photography and video of MGI's ride on Golf Carts, watch and SS Laser. This is how the course looked on our arrival at 8am, which cleared within the hour.

Eastern Golf Club, kangaroos on the 18th.

Eastern Golf Club, kangaroos on the 18th.

MGI provided three golf carts for the day, detail shots of the carts as well as stills and video of the carts being put through the normal activities of a round of golf, as well as the watch and SS laser in action. Here are some images from the day....

AMCN Adventure Bike feature at Stump Hill

Stump Hill is a farm stay about 10kms out of Mansfield, AMCN recently stayed overnight with two days riding on there best selection of this years Adventure Bikes, with eight riders pushing the bikes over all types of terrain, to decide which bike they would award as the best adventure bike.

The bikes represented BMW, KTM, Honda, Triumph, Royal Enfield, Ducati and CFMoto. Look for the upcoming edition of AMCN with the 2017 Adventure Bike feature.


The bikes ranged from small capacity off road bikes through to 1200cc bikes for both on and off riding, to see how some of these riders handle these bikes is amazing.