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National Greengrocers marketing campaign

Moving away from the usual sporting shoot, spent the day working on the National Greengrocers campaign for Melbourne Market Authority and Spike Creative. First part of the shoot was held at Scicluna’s Real Food Merchants in Mentone, a family owned and run business for over 50 years, selling fruit and vegies, deli items, breads etc. This was followed up with my local greengrocers, the Happy Apple in Ascot Vale which is currently expanding their store to supply even more produce. As both stores were open for business and we had to work with customers doing their normal shopping i had to keep gear down to a minimum, while giving the client the opportunity to check on our work. Shot the job with the usual Canon equipment, 1DxMk2, 3 Canon Speedlites 600ex-rt, tethered to a 13 inch MacBook Pro.

I was blown away by the quality and variety of produce available at these local stores, the passion of the staff to display and sell the best food possible. 

National Greengrocers Campaign