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Mark Dadswell is a Melbourne Photographer (MD Photography) specialising in Sports Photography, Commercial, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography and Video production

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With over 25 years experience, Melbourne photographer Mark Dadswell is recognised as one of Australia’s most respected sports, commercial, and lifesyle photographers. He has covered the world’s biggest sporting events including the Olympic Games, appeared in major publications such as Sports Illustrated, and been honoured with prestigious awards in photography, World Press Photo being one of them. 

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Mark Dadswell's Story

With his father a local newspaper editor, Mark’s career began young, immersed in media and shooting photographs on a myriad of topics and events. He soon graduated to the renowned Getty Images organisation, covering the Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, and Beijing, the world track and field titles in Helsinki, Osaka, Berlin and Daegu, AFL grand finals, Australian International Cricket tours, International horse racing events, and fifteen Australian Open tennis championships.

Mark has enjoyed critical acclaim throughout his career. His photograph of Usain Bolt winning the 200 metres title at the 2008 Beijing Olympics won a major award at the World Press Awards. Mark has been nominated twice for the prestigious Walkley Awards for journalism and photography, and has been awarded by the National Press Photographers Association and the Australian Sports Commission.

With an enduring focus on sports photography, Mark has also branched out into commercial photography and advertising photography.

With thoughtful composition and modern imagery, Mark continues to thrive as one of Australia’s best photographers, pushing the envelope in the sport, portrait, and commercial market. 

Mark lives with his wife Arlette and daughters Grace and Kate in Melbourne, Australia. 

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